22mm Push Button Switch

Please watch our overview video for this switch here. https://youtu.be/HB2XlvzlK3A


  • Black10A Stainless Steel Ring LED Pushbutton Switch; LED voltage: 12V only, Hole size required: 7/8''/22mm This is the step bit that we use for this switch. https://amzn.to/3kdoyGr


  • 22mm Latching Push Button Switch: Push it, ON; Push it again, OFF. Contact Configuration: 1NO1NO


  • 4.8 mm wide X 0.8 mm thickness Terminal Pin for Longer work life: Electrical life: 500,000 times. Mechanical Life: 2,000,000 times.


  • High quality metal material & IP65 waterproof protection can be used in wet or dusty enviroments.


  • Current Rating : 10A



22mm Push Button Switch

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