30Ah Ice Hole Powerbox
  • 30Ah Ice Hole Powerbox

    A 30Ah Amped lithium battery and lithium charger are included in the base price of this box. This box is wired by veterans and certified electronics technicians. The craftsmanship of Ice Hole Powerboxes are second to none!


    This box features:


    • Your choice of three rocker switches or you have to option to upgrade to Push Button Latching Switches for $12 per switch.

    The latching style switches are built with an aluminum housing. These switches have an on/off cycle life of 200,000 pushes.


    • USB/Voltmeter

    This socket features a USB-C port, a USB 3.0 and a voltmeter to keep track of your battery.


    • 12v Socket

    The "Cig Lighter Socket" offers the user the ability to run a wide variety of 12v accessories.


    • Two 12v Lights

    We discontinued the Eagle eye lights and upgraded to a one piece Polycarbonate light. No more lenses falling off or intermittent light failure.


    • SAE port

    With the SAE port you can charge the battery or use the supplied pigtails to run your electronics.


    • Velcro to secure your battery


    • Black Stainless Steel hardware


    • Two SAE Pigtails You can use these pigtails to connect 12v accessories or your battery charger to the SAE port.


    Optional Under the Handle Accessories:


    • T-Bolt Track

    You can use this popular kayak mounting system to mount kayak accessories to your power box!


    • Large Glow Cup and Additional Switch

    You read that right! We are able to fit our large glow cup on this power box!


    Please be aware some boxes may have some minor surface imperfections from the molding process. This is normal and does not affect the function of the box.

      PriceFrom $334.97
      Excluding Sales Tax