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Bundle 1: Adventurer 2400 & Solar Panel

Get ready to save big with our exclusive bundle offer! When you purchase the Adventurer 2400, you'll also receive the POWERfill Solar Panel absolutely FREE. That's a whopping $450 in savings! Don't miss out on this opportunity to power up and keep your wallet happy.


Adventurer 2400 information:


Introducing the Adventurer 2400 Portable Battery System, the ultimate solution for all your power needs. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors or braving harsh weather, the Adventurer 2400 keeps your power supply uninterrupted and reliable.

Equipped with lithium iron phosphate technology, the Adventurer 2400 offers exceptional power output of up to 2400 watts. This means you can confidently run a wide range of devices simultaneously, ensuring you stay connected and powered up no matter the circumstances. Additionally, if you need even more power, you can easily link two systems together using the included parallel cable. This doubles your power capacity, providing you with an even greater level of flexibility and peace of mind.

Thanks to its fast charging capability, the Adventurer 2400 quickly replenishes its energy, minimizing downtime and maximizing convenience. You won't have to wait long before getting back to enjoying the benefits of a reliable power source.. 

The Adventurer 2400 also boasts an impressive long cycle life, ensuring that it will be there for you through countless adventures and emergencies. Whether you're embarking on an outdoor tourism expedition, conducting outdoor operations, or in need of a reliable power supply for your RV, this portable battery system has got you covered.

Don't let unexpected power outages or remote locations limit your lifestyle. Invest in the Adventurer 2400 Portable Battery System and enjoy the freedom of reliable power wherever you go. Stay prepared, stay connected, and stay powered up!


Rated Power: 2400W, Peak 4800W
Rated Capacity: 51.52V40AH/2060.8Wh
Overload protection: 2520±100W
Battery Type: Lithium Iron Phosphate
Charge Methods: AC Wall Outlet, 12V Car adaptor, PD charge
Solar Panel (optional) MPPT controller

Charging Input Voltage: 100- 130V(Max 1500W)
Car port input: DC 12V-24V 8A
PV Input : DC Anderson 18V-75V 800W
AC Output (Pure sine wave):120V±10V *4pcs/60Hz±1Hz
DC output : 12V/10A*2(DC5521)
Cigarette Lighter Output:12V/10A
LED light: 5W
USB Output A: QC3.0/18W*2pcs
USB Output C: PD3.0/100W*2pcs
Wireless charger Output: 10W
Charging time: About 2hours
Operation temperature: -4 ~ 113 F (-20~40℃)
Dimension: 16.9 X 11.8 X 11 inches 
Marterial: Plastic housing
UPS function, support charge/discharge at the same time. 2pcs connection to expand the capacity to 4.8KWh and power up to 4800W max


PowerFill 300 Information:


Experience faster and smarter charging with our highly efficient solar panel. Our Foldable Monocrystalline 18V Solar Panel boasts a remarkable 23% efficiency, providing an impressive 300W of power. Perfect for camping and outdoor adventures.


100W Monocrystalline silicon
cell,4pcs foldable ETFE
Unfold size:530*1480mm
Folding size:530*395*50mm
Rated power:300W
Rated volt:18V/5.56A
Accessories: 3 meter cable, connection box with TYPE C
45W,QC3.0 18W extra
output,MC4 connector

Bundle 1: Adventurer 2400 & Solar Panel

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