(RED) Power Box DIY Kit WITHOUT Box

(RED) Power Box DIY Kit WITHOUT Box

These are the basic and most common components for an Ice Hole Power style power box all in one place for the DIY box builder.


You have the option with this kit to add a our Jig Charging Cup (Used by icefishermen to glow their ice fishing lures). You can also add our wire and terminal kit. The wire kit will also include zip ties and Velcro that can be used to secure your batteries. 


Don't forget to add some Lithium batteries to your cart here


The switches, USB port and voltmeter in this kit will light up RED when powered on. 


Please read the description and watch this video prior to ordering.



This kit does NOT include the box.


Kit includes:

  • 3 hole panel with voltmeter 
  • USB and cig port
  • 4 switches (plus 1 in case of failure)
  • 2 binding post/banana posts
  • 2 round LED lights
  • Single inline fuse holder plus three 10 amp fuses
  • One 3" x 3" Ice Hole Power sticker 

Additional options include:

  • Jig Charging Cup, plus one additional switch
  • SAE Port and SAE Plug (Recommended if using a Amped Lithium Charger)
  • Wire and Terminal Kit

Please check the measurements in the pictures to make sure your glow cup will fit.

    PriceFrom $37.50