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Weekender IHP box

Inspired by overlanding this box will come box alone, 20ah or 30ah lifepo4 battery  and will be able to keep your phones, cameras and camping 12v fridges going for an entire weekend.  


Amped Outdoors 3A Charger will be included if this box is ordered with battery.


*30Ah Tall batteries will NOT fit into this box. 


*This box is not intended to be used with a trolling motor.


Box features:


  • USB/Voltmeter

This socket features a USB-C port, a USB 3.0 and a voltmeter to keep track of your battery.


  • 12v Socket

The "Cig Lighter Socket" offers the user the ability to run a wide variety of 12v accessories.


  • Two 12v Polycarbonate Lights


  • SAE port

With the SAE port you can charge the battery or use the supplied pigtails to run your electronics.


  • Velcro to secure battery


  • Black Stainless Steel hardware


  • Two SAE Pigtails

You can use these pigtails to connect 12v accessories or your battery charger to the SAE port.


    Dimensions: 9L x 6.75W x 7.5H

    Weight without battery: 2lbs


    We do not ship batteries to Alaska 



    Weekender IHP box

    PriceFrom $129.99
    Excluding Sales Tax
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