"Yak N Shak" Powerbox with a 12ah LiFeP04 battery

"Yak N Shak" Powerbox with a 12ah LiFeP04 battery

Now with upgraded push button switches!


All Yak N Shak boxes will included a 12ah Amped outdoors battery. The Yak N Shak power box is made from a low profile, impact resistant and waterproof box. It was designed for kayak and ice anglers in mind but is also a great box for camping, hunting and emergency situations. This box was designed to be the toughest and most reliable box on the market today. 


Check out this detailed review from Kayak USA!



Box Features:

  • Simple low-profile design that is only 5 inches tall.
  • This box is splash proof when the covers are closed. The top is not submergible.
  • The box will float and is water tight while in the water with the top side up.
  • Voltmeter to keep tabs on the battery life that is integrated with USB sockets.
  • Four Quick Charge 3.0 USBs for charging devices such as cell phones and cameras. (most boxes have 1.1A or 2.1A USBs)
  • Two 12v “Cig lighter” sockets with blue light accents that can be used to plug in additional accessories such as binding posts or SAE adapter plugs.
  • LED lights on the side of the box that can be used in low light situations.
  • Simple two switch design that includes the master switch that powers all USBs, voltmeter, cig ports and supplies power to the second switch is used for the lights.
  • Foam inserts in the box protects the battery from moving around and serves as storage for accessories.
  • A lot of carrying handle clearance that allows plenty of space if the user is wearing gloves.
  • To maintain a low profile this box does not have binding posts permanently attached to the box but a binding post 12v adapter will be supplied that plugs into the cig port. This adapter will be supplied with the boxes and when not in use, stows away inside the box.


You now have the option to add the lithium charger if you don't already have one. 


Box Measurements:


  • Box dimensions are 11.9” L x 8.6” W x 5” H


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