YOLOtek Ready Adventure Box

YOLOtek Ready Adventure Box

This box has a low profile and with an SAE port, it is perfect for powering your recording device while kayaking and ice fishing! Need to get yourself a PowerStick? Click this link and use the discount code ICEHOLEPOWER https://bit.ly/iceholeyolotek


This box does not come with a glow cup. If you are looking for the Adventure box with glow cup please click here. https://www.iceholepower.com/product-page/adventurer-power-box-1


The base price of the Adventure power box includes one 12ah Amped Outdoors Lithium battery. At this time, we are only building this box with red switches and 3 hole panel.


This box is not intended to be used with a trolling motor!


  • Each box will come wired for two batteries
  • 2 USB ports to charge phones (2.1 amps each)
  • Voltmeter to keep tabs on your battery
  • 12v Cig lighter output port
  • 2 Eagle eye LED lights
  • 2 Binding posts. One post is wired for charging. When not charging, you can use this as an AUX output like the other post.
  • Each box will come with a YOLOtek PowerStick compatible port
  • Foam insulation on the bottom of the box.
  • Each box will be fused for 10 amps.
  • Spare 10amp fuses included.
  • Two spare switches included.
  • SAE port
  • Ice Hole Power sticker included with every box order!
  • Free shipping to the lower 48!
  • Outside Dimensions: 13.5" (L) x 7.4" (W) x 5.1" (H); Inside Dimensions: 11.2" (L) x 6.0" (W) x 4" (H)


Battery options:

One 12ah Amped Outdoors Lithium (included with the base cost)

Two 12ah Amped Outdoors Lithiums wired in parallel for 24ah total.


Addional options on this box:

  • Lithium charger
  • T-bolt track
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