YOLOtek Ready DIY Kit WITH Short Green Box

YOLOtek Ready DIY Kit WITH Short Green Box

It doesn't get any easier than this to build yourself a YOLOtek PowerStick ready box! This kit comes with all the components you need plus a pre-drilled box to keep you recording out there! Need to get yourself a PowerStick? Click this link and use the discount code ICEHOLEPOWER https://bit.ly/iceholeyolotek


This kit includes:

  • Pre-drilled box (Green Box Only)
  • (2) 2.1 amp USBs, Voltmeter and 12v Socket 
  • YOLOtek PowerStick Compatible port
  •  Two Binding Posts
  • Seven Rocker Switches with Rubber Garment (Two Are Spares)
  • Four Eagle Eye LED Lights (Two Are Spares)
  • In-Line Fuse Holder with Three Fuses
  • Ice Hole Power Sticker


Optional Add Ons:

  • Up to Two 12Ah Lithium Batteries, larger batteries will not fit
  • Lithium Charger
  • SAE Port
  • T-Bolt Track (Common Kayak Mounting System For Accessories)
    PriceFrom $79.99