About US


Thank you for checking us out! My name is Jeremy and I started Ice Hole Power in 2017. 


 I'm an Air Force Veteran and Electronics Technician with12 volt DC systems since 2007. I'm also an avid hunter and angler with a passion for ice fishing that stems from growing up in the Saginaw Bay area of Michigan.


I have noticed over the last few years that more people than ever are getting out on the ice with their ice shelters. They are making modifications such lighting, fans, and other equipment that require the need for safe and reliable power. That is what inspired me to create Ice Hole Power.

Over the last few years we have grown beyond my expectations. We now have a print farm that consists of 10 3D printers that pretty much runs around the clock. 


 My wife Tanaya recently left her job at a medical software company to help grow the company. (She's really the boss now.) 

We are excited about the future of IHP! We are expanding our selling channels to include eBay and Amazon!

If you have purchased something from us, we would like to thank you for supporting a small, "mom and pop", veteran owned business!

​If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to message me here or on the Ice Hole Power Facebook page. 


Jeremy & Tanaya