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This is a VERY BRIGHT lighting kit that can light up any flip-over shanty or any large single hub shanty.  Has three independantly foldable light panels that can be directionaly aimed.  Combined with the rotary dimmer, this allows you to dial in the exact lighting that you need. 


Installs in your shanty in a minute or two.  All you will need to power this kit is a 12V DC power source such as a sealed lead acid battery or power box.  The kit includes a 3 panel folding LED light, three hanger hooks, five mounting straps, a heavy duty 10 foot power cord,  a rotary dimmer, and a padded storage bag for you to store the light and all the components in.


If you want even more light, you can connect an additional 2 cluster together for a maximum of three lights.  Simply purchase an extra Cluster Light Kit here. 


• 3 independantly folding light panels with 45 warm white LEDs per panel for a total of about 1000 lumens

• Ability to aim each panel in different directions for your specific lighting needs 

• Rotary dimmer switch with OFF position allows you to get the perfect light ouput.
• 10 foot long power cord with 18AWG wires and an extra outer jacket for protection against tough use and wear. 

• Folding light compoments are molded out of tough glass filled polymers, and uses stainless steel hardware.

• Installs in seconds to your support bars.  Take down is equally as fast.

• 3 hanger hooks to hang the light, and five 8-inch long hook and loop straps for strapping the power cord to your ice shanty's support bars to keep it out of the way.


This Cluster Light has a current draw of around 0.6A when powered by a 12V power source.   We recommend a minimum of a 7Ah lithium or sealed lead acid battery which will give you enough power for about 10 hours of use.  A 9Ah battery will give you slighltly more.


NOTE - Connect up to 3 Cluster Lights either in series using our interconnect power cords avalable in either 4-foot or 9-foot lengths.  You can also connect up to three Cluster Lights in parallel using our 1 x 3 Power Splitter Cord combined with our 4 or 6-foot interconnect cords.  A diagram of how to do this can be found here.


WARNING:  Exceeding 3 Cluster Lights when connected together in series or in parallel will overload the current carrying capacity of the dimmer wires and may result in injury to you or damage to your equipment.


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