IHP Boat Box

Looking for a way to protect the battery that you use for your high end fish finders? This simple box is the ticket!


This box includes:

  • Simple Design, no switches or lights.
  • SAE port to connect to your electronics.
  • SAE pigtails so you can wire your fishfinder to the SAE port.
  • Charge capabilities through the SAE port. No need to open the box to charge!
  • Foam for under the battery to provide cushion.
  • Velco tape to secure your battery
  • Weather resistant box.
  • Ice Hole Power Sticker
  • Assortment of fuses


Battery options:

  • No battery or charger
  • 12AH Amped Outdoors Lithium and Charger
  • 18AH Amped Outdoors Lithium and Charger
  • 30AH Amped Outdoors Lithium and Charger


The 30AH Tall battery will not fit in this box



IHP Boat Box

PriceFrom $39.99
Excluding Sales Tax